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Neubus provides turnkey imaging and document management solutions to help government agencies capture, store, manage, and share information. Read about our satisfied customers in a variety of sectors below.

  • Administration and Finance

    Administration and Finance

    Administration and Finance departments play a critical role in ensuring that government services remain available to businesses, citizens, and other agencies. From human resources and IT to budgeting and procurement, Neubus services help these agencies effectively track and share information, control costs, and reduce the processing time required to fulfill requests. > Read Case Study  > Read Case Study  > Read Case Study 

  • Energy and Environment

    Energy and Environment

    Agencies in the energy and environment sectors are tasked with protecting our natural resources and encouraging sustainable economic and energy development. From permitting processes to cleanup and remediation, Neubus services can help users share information quickly and effectively across federal, state, and local governments, reducing transaction time, increasing productivity, and enabling agencies to provide easy access to information. > Read Case Study 

  • Licensing and Regulation

    Licensing and Regulation

    Government agencies in the licensing and regulation sector manage many paper-based processes, from handling application and renewal forms to verifying and reporting regulatory compliance. Using Neubus services, these agencies can more effectively manage business and citizen records and provide real-time information to staff members in the field. > Read Case Study  > Read Case Study  > Read Case Study 

  • Legal and Law Enforcement

    Legal and Law Enforcement

    From handgun licenses to inmates' criminal records, legal and law enforcement agencies manage large amounts of paper documents. Using Neubus services, they can reduce the time and cost of processing paper files, quickly and securely share information with other agencies and correctional facilities, and provide officers in the field with immediate access to the information they need.

  • Health and Human Services

    Health and Human Services

    From offering medical benefits and providing child protection services to regulating day-care services for children and the elderly, these agencies control records about countless individuals, families, service providers, and facilities. Neubus services enable them to capture enrollment documents, securely manage files, adhere to privacy and records management regulations, and share vital records. > Read Case Study  > Read Case Study  > Read Case Study 

  • County Recording Services

    County Recording Services

    From deeds and tax liens to birth records, marriage licenses, and assumed names (DBAs), county recording agencies are responsible for preserving large volumes of personal, business, and real property records. Neubus services enable these agencies to capture and store records and information from paper and microfilm and provide secure, online access to the public. > Read Case Study